NGÕ – Saigon Street Café: Street food in Crescent Mall

Street food is Saigon’s typical dishes which used to be the inspiration for many photographers, musicians, poets.

But the inspiration to combine Saigon traditional Street Foods with the great service, modern, fresh and clean restaurant, there must be NGÕ – Saigon Street Café.

Located in 3F, Crescent Mall extended (going by lift from GF – Koi Milk Tea area), eaters would get big surprised with Street foods “reigning” in Menu by NGÕ – Saigon Street Café, the fresh and clean restaurant, where all eaters can be pleased with the great service. There will be the familiar dishes like “Cooked by Mom” such as White porridge with Salted egg or Minced meat; or Fried pastry, Khot cake, Pancake, Broken rice, Pho (Noodle),… even Hotpot for group of people. Menu of desserts such as Bean sweet soup, Rice ball sweet soup,… also create the unforgetable impression for eaters because “people try then … addicted”!

It can be said coming to Ngõ – Saigon Street Café to get a street food journey experience and wake up all of your senses. Let’s go!

NGÕ – Saigon Street Café

3 Floor, Crescent Mall (Extended area)

101 Ton Dat Tien, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC

Hotline: (028) 5411 7180


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